Monday, February 28, 2011

Creative ideas...

Well dear readers, this past week (+) has been a stuffy one. Literally. I have been couch-bound at home with sinuses and a nose so stuffed and pressurized I felt as if buildings were situated on my face. This past week has also left me with questions about the context and content of dish.

When my fever broke long enough for lucid thought to emerge, I wondered, how is one to have a culinary adventure under these circumstances (said circumstances being barely able to lift hot fevery hand for more tissues to blow a very tender runny nose)? You see, there are two things at play in my life currently. One, when I write this blog, for the most part, it is in real time. I am not a blog writer that has been able to gather stories and then distribute as needed. Yet. Also (and frankly), my memory is not that great and inspiration plays a great (huge big) deal in what I write (a tad tricky to seek and find inspiration when you can barely breathe). The second, is that when I get sick with a cold, I get real sick. It has been like this as far back as I remember. When other kids were fighting a bit of a cough or fever for a day or so I was out cold (no pun intended) for two weeks. In my teenage years it was bronchitis that had me sacked for weeks at a time and in my adult life it is my sinuses that keep me couch-bound for, you guessed it, weeks at a time (usually two).

Anyhow, medical history aside, as I write this, still sick and sniffly (it has only been a week after all and we have another one to go) and given above mentioned life circumstances, I have some thinking to do in terms of content and direction and I would love, appreciate and be grateful for your creative ideas.

Here is where I ask for your input.

For times like these, times where culinary adventures are less concentrated and sometimes tiny and beautiful, what should I write about? What would you like to read about? What are you interested in knowing? What would inspire you?

It would mean a great deal to me to know your thoughts and ideas so don't be shy. For those comment shy individuals (you know who you are) you can comment under anonymous or just e-mail me directly at

Now, as you can imagine, I have been consuming mostly broth, oranges, mugs of hot water and avocado on toast (thank you Aksel) for the last week or so and could not taste for a part of it.

This being the case, I end this humble post offerring you a few gratuitous pictures of what I hope to be consuming soon.

Wine damn it!

Some lamb ...

Porcini mushroom soup ...

With grated parmesan ...crisps ...


  1. @ Evelyne - Pardon? :) You have me stumped...

  2. seeing that spring is around the corner how about a lamb theme
    succulent, fatty, juicy lamb

  3. your blog is fantastic!!! Love Love your stories and pics!!! I do have a couple ideas...We can talk : ) Love you

  4. @anonymous - it is definetly in the plans.

  5. @ Cheap Ethnic Eats - She threw down the napkin ...

  6. @ Hera - a big HUGE thank you!! I can't wait. Back at you sister :).