Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yes, it involves tree parts ...

Okay, I am going to just come right out and say it. I am enamoured with all fruits, vegetables and sometimes twigs and pits fermented, aged, brewed and distilled for our lovely consumption.

To put it less delicately, I love my drinks. Love. Wine, beer, scotch, gin, rum, vodka (I am going to stop here for fear of filling the page). Everything about the things we ferment appeals to me. Particular aromas, diverse flavours, myriad colors, tantalising scents, variable viscosity's, the countless combinations of spirits and the history behind every culture's particular spirit and how(why) it came to be, all bring me great joy.

I love the tasting ritual, the pairing with food to bring out various subtleties, the shopping for glasses that will bring out the very best in each spirit to make it more pleasing to the nose and palate. The communal gathering of friends to talk, laugh and share various spirits with. The occasional evenings with a perfect, ice cold, blessed Hendricks martini, all on my own. Green olives please. With pits.

Blessed Hendrick's ...1.75 Liters's not a typo ...
 All said, since it is St. Patrick's day today and we all know what that means (for those of you who would actually like to know who St. Patrick is see below, after drink recipe) I wanted to share a lovely drink recipe with you.

Yes, I have a St. Patrick`s drink recipe.

Yes, it involves tree parts ...

Tree parts ...and mini rosebuds ...

Time to drink ... ahem  ...I meant, time to dish.  ...

Ladies and gentlemen, the honorable Emerald Presse a la dish.

The honorable Emerald Presse ...

Here is what you need ...

  • John Jameson Irish Whiskey (amount: your discretion, I have a heavy hand ...)
  • Two to three ounces of Elderflower syrup
  • Limes
  • Cedar tree "leaves" (rosemary needles if you do not want to bother ...but you should ...)
  • Mini rosebuds (optional but so pretty and adds a touch of sweetness if you can find them)
  • Very fizzy mineral water

Here is what to do ...

  1. Bruise Cedar "leaves" in a mortar and pestle to release aroma and oils. Then in a glass with ice, add all the ingredients including the Cedar leaves and rosebuds, mix and enjoy.
  2. Have at least two.
  3. Maybe three is St. Patrick's day after all honor the Irish, long live!

Okay so here is the lowdown on St. Patrick:

  • Saint
  • Patrick
  • Catholic
  • Lived long ago (400ish AD)
  • Born in Britain
  • Captured, enslaved and brought back to Ireland by Irish raiders (curve ball yes? who knew?)
  • Escaped
  • Returned (#%!???)
  • Preached (as free man) for 30 years
  • Original St. Patrick's color was blue
  • No one knows when or why it changed
  • No one knows when it went from obligatory church festival to booze infused debauchery
  • The Catholic church is trying to reclaim it
  • I think the drunks will win


  1. Oh what a week for me to read such a post, as you know, I am forced off the pleasures of Baccus for 9 days. But this looks like a very curious and interesting drink...where does one get elderflower syrup and edible cedar leaves?

  2. It will pass quite quickly my dear. It's really cool and good for you too. The edlerflower syrup is from Ikea, they have great natural syrups and the Cedar leaves are from Fuschia on Duluth. Actually, I will bring some and we can have a virgin version for our cooking project :).

  3. You should pursue a career in journalism. You da bomb!

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