Thursday, May 5, 2011

The pockets of stillness ...

There I was, waiting to get out. Like a kid with my rain boots on, buggy in hand, scarf on head (I felt very Garbo) staring through the window at the beautiful rainy day outside. It was going to be my first trip to the market this season. I love rainy day market trips. Listening to the patter of raindrops on all kinds of surfaces, the other sounds of life on a wet day. Life sounds different in the rain.

Pitter patter on the way to the market ...

I love the smell of earth in the air. The contrasts of color between the soft gray of light and the bright greens and orange and fuchsia of  grass and flowers that have sprung from their tiny little buds makes me feel like I'm home. All is right.

I also love the silence. The pockets of stillness. Less people are out on rainy days.

That said, the poetry of it all kind of came to bite me in the foot. Here is why. No one goes to outdoor markets on rainy days. Except me. So what do I find dear readers as I scowered the stalls for my well loved purveyors you ask?

I find this:

My beloved small organic farmstand ... empty ...
My beloved butter and milk stand ... empty ...

My tiny beloved ewe's cheese and milk and sweetgrass and wool sock and everything else lovely... empty ...

My wild garden stand ... empty ...

But with promises of what's to come ...nevertheless ...empty...

And finally, just as I was about to give up and go soothe my sorrows with a steamy dark hot chocolate (with cream please) I found eggs. Lots of eggs. From chickens and geese and quails and turkeys that run around in a field and people that run around to collect the eggs right in the fields where they were layed. Genius uh?

Lots of eggs above ...

Big ones. These would be goose eggs.

The little one is an egg from a hen ...

Spotted ones. These would be Turkey eggs. Cool huh. Turkey.

I also found Stephen. Wait until I tell you about him.


  1. Ale: Goodness no. Thank goodness no :). Have you tried it?

  2. Oooooh turkey eggs. Really? I have never even considered them. What do you do with them?

  3. Never. But I am about to. I'll give you the full report. He also has other off the beaten path eggs which I can't wait to find out about ...

  4. I feel for you. When I lived in Ontario and spring came round, I was always so excited for the farmers' market to start up again. And week after rainy week, there would only be a handful of stands, selling flowers and maybe some asparagus, so I'd go home grumbling and wet. I'm glad you found a wild variety of eggs at least! Can't wait to hear about what they went into.
    And now that I live in a real city, there's no market in my neighbourhood. I'll have to get better at biking long distances to get my fill of produce this summer.

  5. It makes me want to go to the market on a rainy day. Also, has anyone tried Ostrich eggs? They are as big as my head. Is that the biggest egg out there? Guess dinosaurs had bigger ones ...


  6. @ Katie - Thanks, me too. I left with about a dozen duck eggs and one Turkey egg. We'll see what they turn into :).

  7. @Zoro - That's great. Rainy day market days are super.

  8. I've tried ostrich eggs. Very creamy and dense. I had them in an omlette. Must be the biggest egg out there that we know of in North America that we can eat. Oana what will you do with the Turkey egg?

  9. The only way that I've had duck eggs is in some sort of preserved Chinese fashion that I can't quite describe. I'd have to ask my mother about it.

  10. OMG, you poor thing. Yes we want to run to the market a bit faster then the merchants do at this time of the year. But what an EGGcellent find! Jean-talon right? I want a turkey egg NOW!

  11. @ Evelyne - Yes JT - I will go for fiddleheads today. And another green of my childhood that I cannot remember the name of yet...Then I will crack the egg on top of it. Finally.

  12. You make me excited to get back into the city. I'll be waiting for you to put all the EGGciting possibilities and EGGcellent ideas together.

    I know enough with the eggs.


  13. @ Drea - Yeah but when are you coming? I am waiting for you woman. Give me a date. The back is done so we can sit outside with sweaters. Never enough with the eggs.