Monday, September 19, 2011

There will be blood ...

I have a few posts coming up for you dear readers. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. In between, I had to sneak this in. This is a first for me dear readers. A food event that I am on the non consuming end of. I've never been on the non consuming (of course, I am going to consume but that will not be my number one priority... as it usually is) side of a food event before. This will be my first. And it's a competition. For charity. I want to win. For charity! I'm nervous and excited. I'm curious and somewhat (seriously) on edge. Six hundred and fifty people in one space does that to me...that is the number of people that will be there. Breathe in...breathe out... neuroses on display ...

Very public display of innermost neuroses aside, what food event you say? This one. Some really cool people from some really cool restaurants in Montreal, are cooking, yep, some really cool burgers in a competition to help an amazing organization help some amazing street kids get back on their feet. Today I met my Chef, owner and partner in crime. He's cool, charity close to his heart, he's cooked with the poor and in monasteries for orphans. I can't wait to tell you more about him. Let the burgers be made and the games begin.  I assure you, there will be blood ...but in a good way! Come on!

Amazing organization and team GDS ...

Now, since my stories are human ones and will come to you after said event takes place (and I've consumed everything and talked to everyone and shot countless pics and procured secret recipes and for sure have gotten myself into some predicament or other) I leave you with a pesto recipe. A very different one. You'll love it. Ready?

Time to dish.

Sage and Garlic Stem Pesto

Here is what you need ...

  • One bunch of garlic stems
  • One cup of peppery extra virgin olive oil
  • Two big handful of walnuts
  • Two big handful of pecans
  • Half of a bunch of sage leaves
  • Sea salt
  • Parmesan or Romano (optional, I did not add any cheese to this one and it was awesome)

Here is what to do ...

  1. Ready, this is a doozy ... place all your ingredients in a blender, or mortar and pestle if you have a big enough one and blend! or mash!
Enjoy on toast for breakfast, with or without a juicy tomato, over fresh pasta, as a marinade for lamb or any other animal you enjoy, over fried or cocotte eggs and then crack the yolk in there, in crepes with asparagus and some super sharp cheddar...and so on...and so forth ...


  1. Good luck with the competition Oana.
    I hope you make minced meat out of your competition!

  2. Ha! Minced it. Thank you.

  3. Best! Enjoy, savour, share, love, love, love...

  4. Good luck with the burgers, Oana. The pesto looks great, and I would make it, but the cooking gas at the new apartment isn't on yet! So there couldn't be any pasta, fresh bread, etc. I just got back from my European meet-the-boyfriend's-family trip, and we tried to have the gas turned on, only to discover that there was a leak somewhere. Should be fixed tomorrow, then finally, back to cooking.

  5. Welcome back Katie. Thanks it was a fun evening. Oh God, that's not cool. Good luck with it and can't wait to hear about your trip. And the pesto is the bomb. Totally make it.