Friday, December 21, 2012

We are still here ...

We are still here.

These four little words, so profound in my mind and in my heart, sum up our extraordinary capacity to go on. To exist. Our audacity to persevere in spite of all odds. As we have always done. Ignoring all reason and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Since the beginning of time, despite all the inconceivable space and chaos around us, we persevere. We are miraculous.

Many people will say that nothing happened today, that we did not survive anything. But we did. We did survive. There are so many people out there, so many of us who were facing the dark place in the last few days. The darkest place, the place of the deep fear. The place that holds us as living humans on the planet. Our fundamental fear that we will cease to exist. That we will go violently, painfully, against our will. Watching ourselves, lucid and helpless.  Even if it wasn't your fear, it is still our fear. It is a fear as old as time. But.

We are still here.


You don't have to worry about a prophecy anymore. You can let it go. You can breathe and be free. You can choose to change your life, to make everything as beautiful as you want it to be, second by second, with every action. The universe is in every task. You can start today. The day after. The day after you were so brave. The day after you have faced the dark place, and come out to the awaiting light. The light is always there for you.

You can choose to love. To be good to yourself. To open your eyes. To be responsible.

It starts with you.

To put your best self out there for the world to love and you can choose to love in return. It will not be easy but despite all odds, you can face it. Stand on the shoulders of those who came before you. Of all that is. We, can face it.

All you need is love. It can make you angry just to read it.

We can face it.

We are still here.


Our time is limited. Not because of any prophecy but because of the nature of this beautiful life we have on this planet. This gift on earth, it is limited.


Be grateful.

We are still here.


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