Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Away ...

I have been away for the last few weeks, dear readers. Really away. Away from home, from Napa, from family and friends, from you (thank you for all the love), from telephones, Internet, facebook, instagram, pinterest ... you name it, I have been away from it. It felt so good. I read three huge books, drank too much wine and got fat. Now I am home and my tan is fading away faster than ... well ... something that fades away super fast. But let us not think about that, yes? Right, so, I have some photos to share. Photos! Of pre-being away and during being away. Here are the first sets and I will be back this week with the rest. And a limoncello recipe with giant lemons. Happy Spring dear readers!

Pre-being away:

Yes, it was, and STILL IS, like this, here, in Montreal. Pretty, yes, but dear readers, let me tell you how you do not want this kind of beauty after 6 months!
More "beautiful" snow. Yes yes I know you find it stunning from your ocean view villa where you can feel the breeze on your skin and smell the ocean air while sipping Sancerre. I can see how you would.
I was busy with my beloved Chakra work.
My beautiful lovely and super talented friend made this. Like totally made it. By hand. With wax & moulds and stuff. The kick ass silver skull pendant...not the shirt. Here's where to find her ... and the skull pendant of all skull pendants.
I got funky with a giant bindi at my beautiful niece's birthday party.
There were Irises and Mimosas, because after all, one needs a bit of hope when one is buried under snow for 6 months.
There was some wine...
And figs, grapes and blue cheese ...
And goat's cheese and sage ...

And these completely massive lemons the size of my head to make limoncello with. Not that I made limoncello with them mind you. I just loved them so much I bought them just so I could look at them. Then I made lemonade.

There were also "regular" sized lemons and black grapes...with a fig or two in between ...
More flowers ... because ...well ... you saw the snow right?
The flowers and lemons together because ... well ... they are so matchie matchie! Can you see the size of those lemons dear readers?!
I woke up to some tulips ... March is flower month in our household...
This was "Today's view from the mat. #365daysofyogaadventure"
And then, one night...a few days before we were to leave, I became obsessed with the freesias on our table. This, was the result. Warning: you are about to see many freesia photos, from an obsessive insomniac. Continue at your own risk. Right ...well then:


Over and out.