Friday, May 31, 2013

The dance of seeds...

He doesn't want me the way I want to be wanted. 

I want him to ask me if it turned me on.
I want to tell him yes.

I want him to really see me watching the stars. To watch me watching and know what I see. To tell me he does. 

To comment on the golden kiss the evening light favours me with. 

To always be interested in the furrow of my brow, the way I tilt my head, the smile a breeze brings.

The way I cross my legs. 

Wiggle my toes.

I want to know. 

The eyes to tell me.

The voice in its desire.

I want the soft caress of the breeze in his mouth.

On my thighs.

I need the dance.


The dance of seeds.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hope in Montreal ...

A note on poverty ~

Communist Romania:

I have fuzzy memories of very long lines. Very early in the morning, poverty tends not to sleep in. Of walking hand in hand with my nanny, my pudgy warm fingers feeling very secure hers, bypassing the line because we had extra food tickets and my father happened to be an "important man"... "That's for Doctor Silaghi's house, let them through, hurry up!" ...

I remember looking at the people, my little child eyes taking them in. The defeated, hungry, wrinkled faces... flat eyes and bodies hunched over with flimsy arms pulling in flimsy jackets. The children were the most confusing to me. One child looking at another and wondering why the other one has to wait for hours for one loaf of bread and one sausage while the other goes right through. For many of those people who waited in that line, for hours and hours, there would be no food left when their turn came. 


When we moved to Canada, we had nothing. My parents had to leave everything we had, back in Romania. These were the conditions of being allowed to leave the country. You leave with nothing.

When we arrived we lived in the poorest, worst neighbourhood in Canada, Flemington Park, Toronto. It was the only thing we could afford. My dad woke up at 3am every morning to deliver newspapers, very different from his medical office... My mother worked 18 hour shifts at the hospital just cleaning patients who had soiled themselves in the palliative unit, very different from her nursing office...

My brother and I were on Children's Aid, receiving clothes and toys from the government & going camping for the summers. Sometimes grocery aid. We are fortunate in Canada to have these programs. Poverty always takes from you. It lies. Tells you you are not worthy. Tells you that you can't. Keeps you hungry on so many levels so you almost believe it. It is a deceiver of the worst kind.
Hope in Montreal:

Even here, even now, this minute, a child is hungry. They don't have enough to eat. Not too far from you, kids go hungry and they need food. It is hard to believe but it's true. Table of Hope helps.

A little lighter:


Table of Hope darlings. Table of Hope. TOH is an annual fundraising event that raises funds for Share the Warmth (STW).The event is a collaboration between Montreal restaurants sponsors and chefs that donate food, staff and time to take part in this amazing cause. Media personalities and celebs volunteer as ‘sous-chefs’. Mila Mulroney and Michael Novak have created the perfect avenue in which you can #eat2feed.

A must go to event in Montreal. This is fundraising at its most delicious.
Share the Warmth is a non-profit organization that delivers 4,500 food portions to 2,600 students/28 schools daily. STW manages food banks as well as offering after-school programs and annual scholarships to deserving students. Its mission is to serve individuals and families in need. STW gives out over 800 boxes of food each month, and provides meals for hungry students throughout the school year.
The awesome Co-Presidents: 
Michael Novak, Executive Vice-President, member of the Office of the President, and responsible for Global Government, Aboriginal and Economic Affairs at SNC Lavalin, has accepted to be honorary co-chair of Table of Hope 2013.  He joins Mila Mulroney who has been co-chair for 18 years! They totally rock.

Some highlights:
Celebrity Guest Chef: Ricardo.    
Ben Mulroney, E-Talk Daily, emcee the Patrons’ Cocktail.
Share the Warmth Childrens’ Choir premieres at TOH 2013.
Sous-chefs, Montreal celebrities, personalities and fashion designers
WHEREExciting new venue! L’Arsenal, 2020 William/ Notre Dame
WHEN Monday May 27, 2013  
Patrons’ Cocktail 5:00 p.m. $ 200. (Photo ops)     General admission 6:30 p.m.  $125.00. 
If you are not able to attend in person, any donations help tremendously.
Cheers darlings.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A lake where no man swims...

Come closer. There is a special place I want to tell you about. To whisper it in your ear, in fact. Come closer and listen well. Way up high on a mountain top, nestled in the great rock's nook, there lays a lake where no man swims.

Where fish and frog and bird and doe are kings of majestic castle. A lake where no boat roams. The water clean and sweet, perfuming the air with its mineral rich scent.

It was perfect.