Friday, August 30, 2013

Thank you Summer, hello Fall ...

There are many words in my mind. Many topics. Many feelings. Many things I have wanted to say here over the last little while.

I have wanted to talk about cities and how we forget what we're made of.
To talk about farms and futures.
Not being able to get butter from grass fed cows here in Montreal.
Crystals and energy.
Local herbal teas that I make.
How change takes place. 
Goat necks.
Cow necks.

And I intend to talk about every single one of these things.

As soon as I am back.

I am off dear readers, to recharge after an exceptionally busy summer filled with amazingly spectacular healing arts clients, #365daysofyogaadventure, local herbal teas (TWO WEEKS AWAY!!! :)), crystals, drums, meditations and lots and lots of food from the heart. I am off to the ocean to park my behind in the sand, inhale that ocean air and fill my brain and heart with beauty.

Thank you Summer, hello Fall.