Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Looking for the quiet ...

Well, here I am. A little bit against my will. I had to force myself to open this page ... to start typing. It took me a while.

I don't know what to write. Odd way to start a post, I know.

I  have been receiving many inquiries, for which I am so grateful, asking me when I will write again, sending me your e-mail addresses to make sure you are still on my list since you have not received a post in a while ... gently prodding me back to this page ...

I just don't know what to write, so I am writing just that. I hope it doesn't disappoint too much after not having heard from me in a while.

If I am to be completely honest, I have not spent enough time looking for the deeper stories. The long & intricate stories strolling  languidly in my head have been fragmented.  I have been spending too much time condensing them into bites that fit into various status updates. Filling my head with random information, as we do these days from one subject to another ... retaining only bits and pieces ... surface stuff, clear away from depth. I have been avoiding the full stories because they take too much time in one place. Such is our plight these days. We spin and spiral and spew micro bits of ourselves out into the universe and we miss the whole and we're not sure why. We're on autopilot, our index fingers gliding across screens over and over ... opening the same pages constantly, repetitively, looking for the next update, the fragment.
Pavlov's dogs ...

I get caught up in this spinning and whirling once in a while, although I must admit, this one was a long one. I went deep into the intellect, deep into the issues of society, the issues of soul, deep into the myriad human experiences and became discouraged. I got caught up in the collective mind, which today is diseased for the most part. I became lost in the noise that we have become.

I'm looking for the quiet again. It's good to be here.I missed nature, the sound and color of living things.

This winter was long.

Remembering the quiet on the back roads in Ayer's Cliff ...

Thank you for your gentle prodding dear readers, with much love - O