Saturday, December 6, 2014

Life's small moments ...

Now, you have to bear with me here for a moment ... I am a little rusty ... I wanted to share a simple, beautiful moment with you. It happened the other day and arrived unexpectedly, as life's beautiful moments tend to do.

It was an exquisite winter's day. You know the ones I mean. The air was crisp. The sky a clear, cobalt blue and the sun sparkling his rays of light in all directions. So there I was driving along on my merry way and I turned a corner. In one moment, this dazzling white sunlight was upon my face. Bright as bright can be and my face immediately scrunched up.

At first I resisted the squint.

Yes, you did hear me correctly.

I resisted the squint.

Or, more accurately, I restrained it.
Take a moment to take in that word... Do you feel it in your body? In your heart? Look ... listen ... learn ...

I wasn't even aware of doing it for the first little while but then I noticed. Then I asked myself, Oana, what possible reason could you have to resist a perfectly good squint, caused by perfectly brilliant sunlight?

It was then that I let go.

I let all the years of adulthood, censorship and conditioning go and I freed my face.

That's right babies, I freeeed my face! It sounds silly doesn't it. I know it does, but that's just it.

This was my beautiful moment. In that brilliant sunlight for the first time since I can remember, I scrunched my face as much as it wanted to scrunch (which was a heck of a lot), not worrying how my face looked or if was causing wrinkles or if someone in another car was looking at me or if, or if, or if. I just scrunched for the pure sensation of unrestraint. The life joy of being in the sun and allowing my face to do what it wanted to do naturally without my adult interference.

You know, it made me wonder how many other times I restrain my face. Or anything else. There are so many lessons in so many of life's small moments.

I stayed that way for a while dear ones. I drove in the sunlight and set myself free.

It was magical.

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