Monday, January 13, 2014

A tiny light shines on a surface we least expect ...

There are days, in which I am pierced with feeling
Not sharply, which contradicts
That is my life
A sort of infiltration that sweeps over me
Reminding me of the beauty
Reminding me of the fragility

It fills me with sweetness and sorrow simultaneously
It asks of me
It shows me possibilities and time
It asks me to look
I am sometimes afraid to open fully
I feel my human mind will be overwhelmed

I am saddened by what I fear we have lost
I catch glimpses

Brief gifts of that familiar thing that connects us
That we recognize

There are days, in which I curse the same feelings
The ones I don't like
The ones I am afraid of
The ones that remind me of loss
Of my inability to control things

And despite all illusion of choice, choice is temporary, and on life's terms
Choice is yours until it ends
Until life reminds
That time is fleeting


We get so close, a glimpse
Walking a surface
There is recognition

It is time to tell stories again
To each other

To listen to the sounds of this beautiful human voice
Our voice
The one we share
The one most of us have forgotten

It is time to sing again
To dance
To touch
To look into the eyes of our friends an fellow humans
To stand close again

The only choice we have is love

Sometimes, a tiny light shines on a surface we least expect
Sometimes that surface is our soul

I ask, how can I heal when I am being healed
I answer

- Oana Silaghi-Bedikyan

Thank you for reading dear readers. Happy New Year.