Saturday, January 3, 2015

The We ...

Hi dear readers. Happy New Year to you. I've been waiting to share something with you. I did not really feel ready until today, this moment in fact.  So I am here.

Last year, was a year that expanded my human experience beyond measure. 

I danced with life, I danced in magic.

                                                                                                               Art: Leah Dorion

I was pregnant dear readers. I was two selves and now have a beautiful new baby. 
She came to me from the stars and has the whole universe in her eyes. 
Words cannot express my gratitude.

I became a mother. Saying it sounded strange at first. No more.

I had no idea.

I couldn't have. It is indescribable. The depth. The miracle. The wonder that is life.
The miracle that is this body. Our body. We. The women. The womb. The breasts.  The milk. The body. The cells. The sacred.


We. The women. The connection to the beginning of time. To the Great Mother. To the Women. The walking miracles. The Light. The magic.

The We. 

The Mother.

The stars are in her.

In the ocean that is her womb.

Life giving milk.

The Stars.

The Universe.

The Women.

The We.

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