Sunday, February 7, 2016

The healing will begin ...

We went outside and sang to the trees in our space this morning. They told me the last time we sang to them, a few days ago, how long it had been since they had heard a human voice singing to them and how much they have missed it so we will do it often. It was such an incredible message to receive from them it took me aback and filled me with joy. I have only recently allowed communication from the plant world to come in in this way and it is the most incredible thing ever.

We sang to the pine trees ... to our pear tree who is sick and who we will nurture back to health with all our love and care ... to our apple tree ... We gave big hugs to them and felt their loving energy envelop us. I also felt the loneliness there. This land we are on was made for magic. For children and friends and family and medicine and food and love. We have only recently moved to this place and the land needs much healing. It holds tremendous power but was neglected in a very subtle way for a long time ...

Now, through our love and dedication, we will hold and connect and work and heal everything in this beautiful space that we are so fortunate to have been guided to and provided with.

Now, the healing will begin.

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