Saturday, August 6, 2016

Well ...

Did I ever tell you the story of when we went to Del Mar and were hiking down a trail at Torrey Pines that lead to the ocean with a little bebek and a stroller and I listened to "reviews" (many!) that said the trail was stroller friendly (I never listen to anything I don't know why I started with this one) and it was a crazy (not stroller friendly... not!) hike down for an hour and there were cliffs and tons of bumps and really steep narrow steps and I mentioned a bebek and stroller right and then the FUN part going BACK UP and the sun came out (I had planned our hike during a cloudy day because the heat and I have a special relationship) and I was red and sweating and barefoot and then stubbed my big toe on a big ass rock and it took off a huge chunk of my toe and I was bleeding in the frikkin' desert (it seemed like a desert!) and I Macgyvered a bleeding toe wrap with a pocket knife and this amazing towel my mother in law got us and I happened to bring and my husband wound up CARRYING A STROLLER AND A TIRED BABY ALL THE WAY BACK UP while I hobbled behind them sweating and marvelling at his strength and then we got back up and went to the lodge and they wouldn't give me any alcohol (the rubbing kind) because they were NOT ALLOWED and I asked them well what if I were bleeding everywhere and they said there would be nothing they could do and I just marvelled at where we have come as humans and then hobbled back out to tell my husband and then he while still looking after bebek FOUND A WILD WHITE SAGE BUSH ( he's like "hey, isn't this a white sage plant" ??!!!!?!!) and I took some leaves and wraped them in my towelaid and my toe healed instantly? It didn't heal instantly but in only a few days. Did I ever tell you that story? No? It was pretty wild. I'm not really used to relying on folks (childhood traumas)  but the Hubs that day.... He was KING. He is KING.

Did I also tell you it was gorgeous and extraordinary and there were wildflowers everywhere and the ocean was breathtaking and the air was life and we had a picnic on the rocks on the ocean and that it feels so good to rely on someone and have them come through beyond words and that the hobble back up watching my husband carry our tired little girl and stroller was one of the most beautiful moments in my life? 

Did I also tell you that?